Aging Sex Myths Debunked

Sex after mid-age is something that is constantly misinterpreted in the media, and therefore many people are misinformed about it, which brings on the aging sex myths. Because we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with media and its images, people become almost afraid of doing the contrary of what is everywhere. Read on for some myths out there, and the true facts about them!

Myths Debunked

Myth: After a certain age, people start to lose interest in sex

Fact: Sexuality and desire have no age! For older couples, it relied more on the overall quality of the relationship and not much else. Some people in their 60s that have regular intercourse have found to be more satisfied with their sex lives and relationship as a whole than when they were in their 30s.

Myth: A woman loses her ability to have orgasms as she ages

Fact: Many women actually find increased sexual pleasure as they age, and even after menopause. Some even have reported to have more frequent and intense orgasms.

Myth: There is no longer a risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Fact: One will never stop being at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. The unfortunate reality is that there is actually a rise in the number of people affected over the age of 50. Unless you have been married to your partner for years, taking care of yourself, getting tested and practicing safe sex is still a must.

Myth: No one will fancy my aging body

Fact: Women have reported to feel more sexy after 40. For a healthy sex life, sex drive and function are key. Exercising regularly and eating healthy, while not abusing alcohol will help your body maintain its youthful appearance and aging changes will not affect you greatly. Feeling good and looking good can help keep your self esteem at an all-time high, which will keep your sex life alive and exciting.

No one’s sex life stays the same way it was when they were in their 20s, but aging does not have to bring about negative changes in your sexual desires. Enjoying your partner is a very healthy thing, as well as other shared activities that can eventually lead to lovemaking.