Home Remedies for Yeast Infection Anybody Can Use

Using home remedies for yeast infection can be very effective and most time will not cost you a fortune to use. Most items used for treatment are mostly everyday products that are with your reach. Below are some common home remedies for yeast infection.


Home remedy for yeast infection using yogurt will entail soaking a pad in yogurt and then placing it over the vagina. This should be done at least twice daily. Continue with this routine for a further day after the symptoms disappear. Ensure that you talk to your physician before you use this particular home remedy for yeast infections because it is believed to be only effective in treating yeast infections and could in fact worsen a bacterial infection. Before using yogurt treatment for yeast infection, ensure the infection is properly diagnosed. You can also add yogurt to the diet plan of persons suffering from either yeast infection or a bacterial infection, as it helps boost recovery rate. Yogurt is among the most effective home remedies for yeast infection. Yogurt is particularly effective in curing a Candida infection and need to be added into a diet plan for Candida yeast infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Putting some drop of tea tree oil on a pad and placing it on the vagina can go a long way in reducing the symptoms of yeast. If the oil is not dilute before using the oil, it can cause swelling because of the high concentration of the oil. Tea tree oil could be toned down by mixing it with a teaspoon of either olive oil or almond oil. Tea tree oil also has anti-fungal attributes and can boost the prevention of yeast infection and also reduce the symptoms of the infection. This oil is regarded as the best homemade remedy for vaginal yeast infection however it is important to first talk to your physician because some ladies could react negatively to the oil. Male yeast infection can also be treated using tea tree oil.


Garlic is a very effective home remedy for yeast infection. Garlic can be used easily in the treatment of non-vaginal yeast infections. The garlic is just placed on the affected spot directly. This particular treatment is actually good for treating yeast infection affecting other area of the body but should not be used in treating vaginal yeast infection. If fresh garlic glove is not available, the alternative will be to mix garlic oil with coconut oil and vitamin E and apply the mixture to the affected areas. As garlic oil cures the yeast infection, the skin is strengthen and vitalized by the vitamin E oil and the body gets the required fatty acid from the coconut oil, which help to stop the infection from spreading. To accelerate the healing process when using home remedies, one can use it in conjunction with other treatment options.

Cinnamon Oil and Cold Coconut Oil

This is an effective herbal treatment for yeast infection for both males and females. Cinnamon oil or cold coconut oil can be applied to the affected spots two to three times daily to treat yeast infection. Using both oils provide powerful anti-fungal qualities that are very useful in eliminating the yeast infection.


Adding vinegar to a hot bath water is an excellent technique to alleviate skin discomfort and irritation triggered by a yeast infection. Additionally, it is a powerful solution to stop the infection from spreading and rejuvenate the PH balance in the system.


Cranberries have the power of reducing the pH of body fluids such as urine, making them perfect for removing bacteria from the system. Since this procedure is very mild, it is advisable to apply if you find yourself just beginning to notice the symptoms of yeast infection instead of when you have the full blown effect of the infection. You could take cranberries by including them in your daily meals, taking sugar free cranberry fruit juice, or by using cranberry supplements, which one can purchase in most pharmacy shops.

Boric Acid

Boric acid destroys yeast bacteria and may be used in the shape of a vaginal suppository. This really is an extremely powerful therapy solution and should alleviate even the serious yeast infection. To create a boric acid suppository, buy a few empty pills and fill them with around 600 mg of boric acid. The pills will dissolve once taken and the boric acid will dissolve and perform its function. Take one capsule each night and an additional night or two when the symptoms disappear.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a fast remedy for quite a few different bodily conditions, particularly those concerning bacteria and pH issues. Apple cider vinegar possesses a pH controlling power, which makes it very good to fight yeast bacteria. One can just apply some around the affected spot with cotton balls 2 or 3 times every day till signs vanish. You may also mix the vinegar with water or mix a little with fresh garlic for the extra purifying effect. Continue using this solution for a couple of days after the infection may have disappeared in order to keep it from returning.

Tips for Yeast Infection Prevention Wearing loose Fitted Underwear

To prevent yeast infection stay away from putting on tight undergarments or any other tightly fitted acrylic clothes regularly. Wear free fitted cotton underwear. Avoid putting on jeans, legging, and panty hose daily.

External Stimulants

Deodorant sanitary pads and tampons should be avoided by women suffering from vaginal yeast infection. Stay away from sprays as well as other external substances which may trigger irritation.

Damp Clothing

Also, it is advisable to stay clear of putting on damp clothes. For any reason the warrant you putting on damp clothes, try changing into something dry as soon as possible and get your body properly dried before putting on the dry cloth.

Before using any home remedies for yeast infection treatment consult with your doctor.